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Hello and welcome.

This is the new home of Annaliese Nielsen. We have abandoned the cancerous old WordPress site. This one is visually blander, but actually easier to use.

As you will notice, the vast majority of the names have been scrubbed out of the images. This is a goodwill gesture from us. Many of those scrubbed out are far from innocent, as they participated in bullying at the behest of Nielsen. The defense we have heard is that these acts were done under “brainwashing”, which we fully believe. However a reason is not an excuse. If you want to be treated as a grown-ass adult, then act like it and take responsibility for your actions. Further acts of bullying will be put on blast with no such censorship, so accept our grace and sin no more.

That said, the focus of this site is exposing the crimes and misdeeds of Annaliese Nielsen. It offers a safe place to submit true, verifiable information. We protect our sources fiercely. The more dirt you give us, the better we will be able to protect you and others.

Yours, “A really scary dude”