Annaliese Nielsen’s antics on give us a glimpse into her shattered pysche

We’re working on processing some very juicy leaks. It’s going to be big. We have stuff nobody thought would ever get out. Get wet, get hard, get pumped with excitement, because we’re going to air out some dirty, smelly laundry. But… not today.

In the meantime, we’d like to show you this. You may have seen it floating around on Twitter, or you may have found it on Amazon yourself. Annaliese Nielsen has a number of public profiles online and, while much of it is pretty mundane, her Amazon profile turned up some solid gold cringe.

The first example is her review of “blk” spring water. The fact that she mentions getting into a “huge fight” with her boyfriend is a huge red flag. She’s the kind of wacky drama queen to post your private relationship troubles onto Facebook. In that sense, she’s kind of like Whitney Mongiat, whose temper tantrum was exposed on YouTube, showing the world she badmouths her own husband in public.

The original post can be found here.

This next review is short but not sweet. Annaliese gets triggered over some satirical book called The Wo Code and the author absolutely destroys her in the response.

The original post and response can be found here.

Another thing worth note is that her Amazon profile photo is unnecessarily sexual. It’s more suited to a professional escort’s online profile. Is she trying to pick up dick on Amazon? And I can’t help but notice a wedding registry. What the fuck kind of sorry excuse for a nu-male marries this shrieking harpy? She must give expert rimjobs, or something.

If you have any info on her husband, or if you’re her husband and you want to dish dirt, contact us. It’s worth the blue balls to unburden your soul, brother.