Annaliese Nielsen FALSELY accuses man of arson and rape

You heard it first here, folks. Annaliese Nielsen may have committed perjury in yet another attempt at ruining a man’s life. A man whom we'll call AP posted on Facebook about his harrowing experience being investigated for one month and which involved testimony in court and a polygraph test!

The most relevant parts

The original post gives the most important details about how Annaliese Nielsen accused him of “violence and rape” without apparently even specifying a victim. He provides a very detailed account of his innocence, while Nielsen no doubt supplied nothing more than a mindless accusation fabricated in her twisted brain.

Someone provides a screen capture of someone named Sierra who has also been bullied by Annaliese Nielsen. Another person, who was mocked by Nielsen after her cousin committed suicide, chimes in here to corroborate.

Then another guy writes that one of Annaliese Nielsen’s friends left nasty comments on a photo of him and his grandmother because he “aligns” himself with AP.

Finally, Adam mentions someone we'll call TC and a restraining order, which means the harassment must have been pretty nasty.

That’s all for now, folks. We will keep you posted on all matters relating to Annaliese Nielsen and her sick and twisted empire.