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Those of you who know about Cœur de Pirate have been waiting for this, and here it is. We have put together evidence that demonstrates Annaliese Nielsen knowingly produced child pornography in 2007. If she did not knowingly do so, then she knowingly violated U.S. Code § 2257 regulations, in failing to keep records proving that all participants in sexual entertainment are above 18. Child pornography is defined, both in America and Canada, as erotic material depicting someone under the age of 18.

This is Cœur de Pirate

This young woman is at the center of the matter. She is the French-Canadian singer Cœur de Pirate. It caused a minor scandal in the Francophone press when it was discovered that she had posed for nude photos at a younger age. And by younger, we mean as a minor. These photos were posted on Annaliese Nielsen’s own GodsGirls.

Here are the facts we have.

  1. Cœur de Pirate was born September 22, 1989, as Béatrice Martin.
  2. Nude photos of Béatrice Martin were created in the month of or prior to February 2007, at which time she would have been 17 years old.
  3. These photos were hosted on from February 2007 until April 2008.
  4. is run by Annaliese Nielsen.
  5. Annaliese Nielsen denies any knowledge of Martin or her photos.

From these facts, we can draw one of two conclusions. One is that Annaliese Nielsen knowingly hosted child pornography. The other is that Annaliese Nielsen willfully disregarded 2257 regulations which, in the eyes of the law, is equivalent to knowingly hosting child pornography.

Facts 1 and 4 are readily available information. Facts 2, 3, and 5 were previously only available in French as the American press has ignored this story. We have provided translations and source links for three articles covering Annaliese Nielsen’s promulgation of child pornography. If you have supported Annaliese Nielsen over the past year despite her treatment of others, perhaps you will finally reconsider your position. Nielsen is a predator and now we have proof.


Photos that make people talk

Before she became Cœur de Pirate, Béatrice Martin posted nude for the website For a year, every time a journalist spoke to her, Béatrice closed like an oyster. Until yesterday, when, after publishing articles on the said photos in The Sun, she agreed to answer our questions.

It was a tense Béatrice Martin who went over to La Presse yesterday. Just to talk about it, she said, makes her heart ache. “These are photos of Béatrice Martin, not Cœur de Pirate,” she said. When I signed my contract with Grosse Boîte in April 2008, and became Cœur de Pirate, I had already bought the photos from”

Why did she pose naked? “I did not do it for money; it does not pay much,” she said. I was coming out of a difficult relationship and I lacked self-confidence. Sites like fascinated me because there is a concept behind the pictures. It is precisely for people who have an original look and who have confidence in themselves. This is not porn. I did not do spread eagle on camera.” (editor’s note: legally, it constitutes porn)

If she bought the pictures. it was because she did not like the way her friends looked at her. “So I started writing songs and it helped me to understand a lot. Then I started going out with my boyfriend and it made me realize I was worth a lot more than that. The problem, and it’s really stupid, is that among the subscribers of the site who were able to download my photos, there were probably people from Montreal who put them back online when my career began. Since then, there has been daily damage control. We just removed them from a Swedish site, but it took months.”

Today, Beatrice is ashamed of these photos. “I’m afraid it changes people’s perception of my music if they think I’ve done that to draw attention to Cœur de Pirate,” she said. “On the contrary, it could really hurt me. When I come across these pictures, I really want to cry. Imagine the mothers who see this and who will no longer want their children to listen to my music. But these are things that can really happen to anyone, especially in my generation. It is a bit disturbing.”


A child’s heart in a woman’s body

We discovered Béatrice at the Printemps de Bourges, before the Botanical Nights this year. Her single “Comme des Enfants” [“Like Children”] can be heard on the radio while TV indulges in playing the music video, beautiful as the sun.

It all began at the Francofolies de Montréal 2008. A journalist from Inrocks saw her opening for Benjamin Biolay and hyped her up to the point where Barclay, in France signed her on the spot. In Quebec, her first CD was released last September. “I put songs on my MySpace. That’s how the boss of my firm in Quebec discovered me,” Beatrice told us.

The young woman was only 18 years old but has done a lot of living, going by her tattoos and her nude photos that circulate on the net. “My first songs date from March 2007. I was leaving a difficult relationship and songs were the only way I found to express what I felt. A little by chance. Some have a blog, I write songs. I studied graphic arts. I always intend to pursue my career by pursuing my studies. I want to go to college. I have never seen music as a profession.”

Beatrice’s mother, a classical pianist, put her in front a piano at the age of 4, later sending her to the Conservatory from ages 9 to 14. “It was a chore. I never thought it would serve me one day. It was boring to me for years. Now I understand better,” said Beatrice.

But where does the voice of a wounded bird come from? And these tattoos, and these photos? “I do not smoke. I’ve learned to sing all by myself. By listening to Joni Mitchell, Al Green, all of Motown … I wanted to sing like these people. I got better live. I did not live on the street. I did not take drugs. Inrocks [the journal] has sexed things up a little. My adolescence was not that difficult. I come from a very privileged background and my parents put me in the best schools. The thing is, I lived very alone, very closed off. And I was with guys who were bastards. I’ve lived, but not that difficult an adolescence.

I have been with people who have hurt me, betrayed me, as I describe in my songs. The photos, I own up to them, but I do not want to talk about them. Tattoos, I like the concept, and the pain does not scare me. There is no particular meaning. I find them very pretty. My parents did not agree. At 16, when I started, they did not know; I hid them. I do not regret it because it made me happy but I do not recommend you start as young as I did.”

Julien Doré and Doris Day

You cannot miss the pirate heart on her left arm: “It’s from when I was 18. My first song was in English. It was ‘Her Pirate’s Heart’. Cœur de Pirate represents a project, a theme that may die one day. I’ll be able to find my name again.”

On the French version of her disc is a duet with Julien Doré (“Pour Un Infidèle”), while on stage, she takes up “Les Bords de Mer”. “he made himself known Quebec via the blog of Perez Hilton, who had posted the clip “Les Limites” that I found brilliant. So I ordered his record [imported from France]. I’m a fan. My label contacted him and he accepted. He’s cool. I thought he was going to hate my song. My dream? A duet with Francis Cabrel that I sang at the age of 4.

I’m not really based in rock culture. I grew up with folk. My parents listened to Ferrat, Aznavour, Brel, Ferré … My mother is a fan of Doris Day and my father was singing Dean Martin. I’m also a fan of Genesis.”


Cœur de Pirate: Difficult to escape past escapades

Using the alias ”Bea”, the singer Coeur de Pirate had a few hundred pictures of herself online at her raw [naked] state until the spring of 2008.

QUÉBEC – When an artist rises to stardom, it becomes more and more difficult for them to get away from a bawdy past. Just like Madonna and the ex-beauty queen Vanessa Williams before her, the singer Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur de Pirate, is seeing her own popularity grow at the same rate as public curiosity towards her erotic pictures, which are still available on the web.

Using the alias ”Bea”, the singer Coeur de Pirate had a few hundred pictures of herself online at her raw [naked] state until the spring of 2008 on, a Los Angeles-based site featuring erotic models with an “alternative” look, with their bodies usually full of piercings and tattoos.

In the images, we can see the singer dressed in tight short shorts, or underwear with a tiara, and gradually progressing to fully nude. Other pictures show her in the shower.

What a surprise

Well known for many months in the blogosphere, the existence of Coeur de Pirate’s erotic pictures remained largely unknown to her fans; many of them were surprised to learn that she had posed as a nude model.

According to the comments in the forum on GodsGirls, the pictures of “Bea” were hosted from February 2007 to April 2008, which coincides with Béatrice Martin’s record detail with Grosse Boîte. The forum members started to question as to why the pictures were removed from their favorite website. The co-owner of the website, Annaliese Nielsen, stated in April of 2008, “I don’t know who Bea is but I heard that a girl that we used to know got a record deal, you know what I mean?”

The president and artistic director of Grosse Boîte, Éli Bissonnette, refused to comment on the matter. ”I don’t want to talk about this, and neither does she. I don’t think it’s relevant right now with everything that is happening with her career”, he said.

”The photos, I own up to that, but I do not want to talk about it”, said Béatrice Martin at the beginning of July to the Belgium newspaper ”Le Soir”.

Hard life

Even though all the controversial pictures were taken down from GodsGirls, the pictures remain easily available on the web because the bloggers and other internet users downloaded them before they were taken down, and are now making them available on the web via BitTorrents.

Other blogs published the pictures as well but removed them at the request of the artist. “The charming Béatrice asked us to remove them and, out of respect for her, we did just that. And no, we won’t send them to you,” said the owner of the Montreal Blog, IndecentXposure.

GodsGirls does not remember ”Bea’’

The co-owner of the website, Annaliese Nielsen, says that she does not know Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur de Pirate, even if hundreds of erotic pictures of the Québec singer were published on the website in 2007 and 2008. Many of those pictures still floating around include the website’s logo on them,

“I never heard of Coeur de Pirate, but it’s a lovely name for a band, and I wish her the best of luck, whoever she is”, said the Californian ex-model and businesswoman in an interview given this week to the Soleil by e-mail. And “Bea? I don’t know anyone by the name of Bea.”

This is a detailed exposé of Annaliese Nielsen’s cult of personality known as GRLCVLT. Annaliese Nielsen became (in)famous after berating a Lyft driver in an incident known as Hulagate.


In early June of this year, when the infamous Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, was sentenced to an anemic term of three months for his crime, there erupted a predictable outrage. Beyond Turner himself, the majority of the opprobrium was directed at the judge, Aaron Persky. Practically every political alignment agreed that the sentence was simply too weak for the nature of the crime. Once an opinion becomes sufficiently universal, simply holding that opinion can no longer be a litmus test for morality. As such, not every voice raised against Persky and Turner was entirely wholesome. One of those voices was GRLCVLT.

GRLCVLT reared their heads in perfect step with the internet outrage over the Turner case, putting on an event called “FUCK RAPE CULTURE”. 1000 people showed up to the event, where they signed a petition to unseat Judge Persky. As might be expected, there followed a brief whirlwind of positive press for GRLCVLT. Most of the press consisted of fawning interviews of the group’s New York chapter leader, whom we will call RH. RH revealed that the group did not have a public web presence and that potential members would have to be first nominated by one current member and vouched for by two more. RH continued, “If you invite someone, you invite that girl in your life who is that conscious, caring, driven person you would invite to dinner with your parents or have bail you out of jail.”

The group formerly known as “Girls’ Night In”

While the press made it seem as though GRLCVLT had appeared out of nowhere, the group had made the news before under its previous name, “Girls’ Night In”. One article describes it as such:

‘Girls Night In’—or GNI, as its members call it—is like a giant online slumber party, one that never ends, slips into your pocket and can be called upon at any moment in the day that you need it. It is a constant stream of brutally frank chatter about relationships, work, sex, race, gender and, yes, cats, along with a bizarrely large quantity of nude selfies. It is made up mainly of women in their 20s and 30s who live in the Los Angeles area. Among its ranks are Instagram-famous models, former reality show contestants, celebrity makeup artists and the quasi-famous girlfriend of a very famous singer.

“Girls’ Night In” started in 2014 as a more restrictive subgroup of a larger online club called “Girls’ Night Out” (GNO), which itself had begun as “a few hundred girls from the L.A. party scene but ballooned into a monster group with tens of thousands of members.” GNI came about because the members in “Girls’ Night Out” had begun sharing extremely personal stories and even nude pictures, illustrating the need for a much more exclusive group.

Press coverage of GNI focused on the social aspect of the group. It was billed, rather cringingly, as an “online sorority”, a place to seek “advice on hook-ups, introductions to business connections, or even the chance to compare medical symptoms.” The group subsequently changed its name to GRLCVLT and came out as a more feminist-focused organization. At least, that’s what they wanted the world to believe.

The disturbing reality

“It’s misogyny that we’re taught to inflict on each other at a really young age … We’re exhausted by a society that teaches us to compete with each other, but we aren’t drama.”

– RH (The person who ran Girls Night In in New York)

An otherwise reverential article about “Girls’ Night In”, published in March of this year, included some quotes that may have served as an alarm bell if anyone reading were so inclined to read into it.


Perhaps more worrying is this next one.

What’s different about ‘Girls Night In’ is the outsize role that the group plays in its members’ lives: many of its users submit their every decision, large and small, to the group, for its members’ feedback in real time. Many members post up to 10 times a day, and comment on other posts dozens of times more. (Women who don’t comment regularly are booted from the group.) Rather than turning to one or two really good friends for advice, the women of ‘Girls Night In’ consult a carefully curated crowd, constantly.

“It’s my life,” one 32-year-old member told me, echoing the comments of many others. “I rarely go on ‘normcore’ Facebook, as we call it. The group is my community, it is my support system. I almost always have the page open and am engaged in it most of the day between real life.”

The group clearly consumes a large portion of these girls’ lives.

I whiled away hours on the group Facebook page and spoke with more than two dozen members. Most of them told me that they spend up to six hours daily interacting with the group, and that its members now make up the vast majority of their offline social network, too. Multiple women told me the group’s dominance in their lives had created rifts with their best friends and romantic partners.

The article even refers to the group as a “hive mind”.

It is isolating in a way—the group has its own language and political point of view and a specific kind of moral code. To be part of the group’s hive mind, you need to fit in, and that means adopting group-wide social norms. At least publicly, the women all seem to support Bernie and abortion and Kim Kardashian’s right to post as many nude selfies as she likes. Members who stray from these norms sometimes find themselves alienated or even chastised. Sometimes it eventually causes them to leave.

If all of this is starting to sound familiar, it should. A few months before Annaliese’s Lyft video went viral, this comment turned up on an article about GRLCVLT.

GRLCVLT, aka Girls’ Night In, is a cult.

The cult is run by Annaliese Nielsen, the “star” of our website, and her repulsive second-in-command, the porn “star” Jenna Valentine (also known as Jenna Nicole Smith, and whose real name is Jennifer). The name isn’t just some attempt at hipsterish snark. The pseudo-feminist babble about “intersectionality”, “privilege”, and “patriarchy” are in fact disingenuous fictions peddled by Annaliese Nielsen in the same way a religion preaches scripture, dogma, and commandments; they are a lever that Nielsen uses to manipulate her faithful.

Annaliese and Jenna, as well as their minions, claim that GRLCVLT exists for the welfare and empowerment of women, however their actions suggest something far different. To start with:

  • We know this because Annaliese Nielsen is the founder of porn site, GodsGirls, which objectifies women, as well as at least one underage girl (we will cover more on this soon).
  • There are also rumors abounding that Nielsen uses GodsGirls as a pimping operation. We have received tips from several sources corroborating this, but we are still looking for solid enough proof to claim it as fact, as we adhere to an extremely high standard of evidence.

And it is evidence we will provide to you here. We will demonstrate that GRLCVLT was created to cynically exploit and abuse women, not help them. Here for the first time is an insider’s look at the workings of GRLCVLT.

Let’s begin.

A hydra with many heads

GRLCVLT / GNI had many different subgroups, all run by Annaliese Nielsen. Here are the ones we know about.

  • Fur Baby Friendship Club – Discussion about pets
  • Olive Oil Friendship Club – Discussion about cooking
  • Bae Area – GNI Bay Area (we wish we were making that name up…)
  • Beauty and Style Friendship Club
  • GNI San Diego
  • GRLCVLT New York
  • Happy Garden Friendship Club
  • GNI Marketplace – Selling belongings
  • Mommy club
  • Jewish club
  • Fit club – Apparently they somehow broke off and now have no connection to GNI
  • Sober Living Club
  • Interior Design Friendship Club
  • Intersectional Feminist Friendship Club
  • 50 Shades of Bae – For women of color
  • Fur Baby Rescue Club
  • Bernie Sanders Friendship Club
  • Higher Education Friendship Club
  • Travel Friendship Club

Warped minds

Some of the first leaks we got involved the disgusting posts being made in the GRLCVLT / GNI groups. The number of likes that some of these posts got should tell you something about the mentality.

One member asks people to share their most controversial beliefs. It turns out she approves of incest and eating dogs and cats.

That same member also shared a sex story that involves a body fluid we had never even considered before: pus.

The group encouraged people to make these damning self-confessions precisely so they could be used against them. Scientology does the exact same thing with its “auditing sessions”, which are presented as a way to unburden your soul, but in fact are simply blackmail collection exercises. To make matters worse, the extreme “social justice” culture likely encouraged these young women to make up increasingly more ridiculous claims about themselves to show who was the most “unique”, but in turn, they would open themselves up to greater humiliation.

Brainwashing and dogma

These next shots transcend the shocking and enters the surreal. The behavior depicted includes shades of Jim Jones and Kim Jong Un.

Part of the religion of SJWism is an obsession with a fictional sin called “cultural appropriation”. This is a SJWist misnomer for the natural process of cultural diffusion and transfer that happens in a multicultural society. Their cult is devoted to shaming and shunning those who display anything that Annaliese Nielsen describes as cultural appropriation. We have four separate examples from four separate sources. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Exhibit 1

Remember, GRLCVLT was supposedly created to help women in a misogynistic world. One member makes a perfectly sensible and logical post here.

Annaliese Nielsen then starts publicly naming and shaming members who liked that post. One of Annaliese's toadies comes in, sycophantically backing her up.

Another girl also joins in the pig pile. Annaliese is triggered because people aren’t begging to remain in her twisted cult.

One member who we saw in several instances really enjoying being part of the hive mind chimes in.

We’re not sure what this person is “oh god”ing about.

Did she really say PURGED?.

Calling this gibberish “Kool-Aid” is unfair to Kool-Aid because even Jim Jones's death cocktail was not this poisonous.

Exhibit 2

The next example is a photograph of a screen so a little harder to read, but it’s basically the exact same thing happening again. Someone makes a post defending people’s right to wear their hair however the fuck they want. Annaliese's toady returns to spew nonsense and is joined by Toady #2.

Annaliese Nielsen returns with her same Stalinist tactic. When two members cave in and un-like the post, Annaliese continues the inquisition, demanding to know why they had the temerity to think something and express it.

Toady #2 bullies another member.

What is scary is how enthusiastic Toady #1 is. She was not even given any real power by Annaliese and was truly just another cog in the machine, and yet she was among the most fervent persecutors of Wrongthink within the cult.

Exhibit 3

This girl outright advocates cyber-bullying.

One girl has the sheer nerve to state her opinion and another enforces the cult dogma right on cue.

Exhibit 4

We have a fourth example which illustrates that not only are Annaliese’s minions frighteningly brainwashed, but dumber than the dumbest rocks in Dumbfuckistan. Just read.

This girl posts a photo of her braids.

Another girl decides to accuse the first girl of wearing cornrows(!) which of course is “appropriation” (which of course is not a real thing). The first girl responds that they are Dutch braids. The other girl says – we wish we were making this up – “Dutch braids are cornrows”.

The girl with the braids tries to use reason but she forgets that reason doesn’t work with brainwashed religious nutjobs, which these girls are. They tell her to go read the Gospel of Annaliese for answers. It’s scary to think that these people VOTE.

We also have reports of a Hispanic woman being excommunicated from the group for wearing Dia De Los Muertos makeup. We can’t make this shit up.

A pattern of verbal abuse and belittlement

Annaliese Nielsen makes it clear who runs the show here and she enjoys putting down people in small ways any chance she can get. What is it that the left call this? Microaggressions? I think that’s it…

Exhibit 1

She clearly does not show much empathy for those with social anxiety.

Exhibit 2

Here is another example of Annaliese threatening people into coming to her events. They must not be very good.

Exhibit 3 – Annaliese gaslights her members

Perhaps no screenshots better illustrate the character of Annaliese Nielsen than this series. It begins when Annaliese declares the group is not only not a democracy, but that the rules may be changed randomly and without warning. She also mentions that she encourages trolling, although we have no further details on what she means here. She ends with a platitude about friendship.

Two members respond by questioning this declaration respectfully, and notably, using the ideologically “correct” narrative of men being villains. Annaliese is triggered by this.

When the members respond, still in a deferential manner, Annaliese lashes out like an unbalanced person. Even now, the members respond respectfully. A girl asks that “ableist” language (“moron”?) be removed. Again, this fits perfectly with Annaliese’s dogma, but Annaliese clearly does not believe her own bullshit.

Sensing the not-so-subtle sarcasm, one girl reminds Annaliese of the very rules that Annaliese wrote. Annaliese responds with more puerile sarcasm.

The girl is trying to diffuse the situation without completely kissing Annaliese’s putrid backside and Annaliese responds with something mind-boggling. She considers the word “catty” as anti-feminist, suggesting that catty behavior is inherent to women. Annaliese Nielsen is not just sexist against men, but women too!

Exhibit 4 – Annaliese mocks the suicide of a member’s cousin

What more can be said about this??

We did, in fact, confirm from other sources that Annaliese taunted this woman with suicide emojis. Here is one screenshot.

Double standards: Annaliese and then everyone else

Cults of personality often involve a set of highly dogmatic rules that the mere mortals must follow while the leader gets to do what they want. In North Korea, the people must revere their “Dear Leader” and live in poverty and misery while said Dear Leader feasts on gourmet food cooked by world-class chefs and rides Jet Skis with Dennis Rodman.

Annaliese preaches all sorts of social justice nonsense, but she can’t even abide by the shit she spews. And she creates rules that she then proceeds to break. You already saw some of that with her declaration that her Intersectional Feminist Club is not a democracy followed by her violation of the rules she penned. Here are more examples.

Exhibit 1 – Annaliese attempts to normalize her abuse of others

Exhibit 2 – Annaliese is hungry

Annaliese tells the group in no uncertain terms that people cannot just share whatever they want, even though that’s basically what she has told the press in every interview.

But… this pronouncement does not apply to her.

Nope, it doesn’t.

Still doesn’t.

It’s important! You need to know that she is hungry.

Lucas is her boyfriend, by the way. Poor SOB.

I have no doubt that much attention was showered upon her. After all, the penalty for not doing so would be excommunication.


With a name like Penisgate, it’s gotta be good, right? This is the one that really sends home that Annaliese Nielsen is not sincere about being a feminist.

This sordid episode took place in an affiliate group called Fur Baby Friendship Club. A member posted an image of a cat with a surprise in the bottom left: his sorry little excuse for a penis. This group had parents and children who could see it, and he effectively exposed his sex organ to them.

While you might expect that, especially in a group associated with feminism, an unsolicited dick pick would result in immediate banning and instant public shaming, Bryan is a friend of Annaliese Nielsen and thus got a free pass. The photo was removed, but Bryan was not.

Here is the original post. Sort of NSFW but his pee-pee is so small that your employer probably won’t notice. We have no idea what he ended up doing to that cat. Someone call ASPCA.

In this next shot, we see the disgusting Jenna Nicole Smith, aka Jenna Valentine, aka Jennifer somethingorother adding Bryan back after some other mod removed him.

Annaliese reveals that Bryan is a friend and thus gets a free pass. Inside joke? The joke is on whomever his dick is inside of.

A brainwashed member kowtows to Annaliese, defending the fact that a friend of the group gets a free pass for showing his dick. Annaliese openly admits the group has problems that go “overlooked”.

Annaliese Nielsen says that unsolicited dick pics are acceptable because they are from a friend and not a stranger. Do you think she would say this about rape? Publicly? Since when do militant feminists tolerate JPG flashing?

Annaliese whines that she doesn’t get enough “respect”. This is basically more gaslighting. Or maybe she just thinks she’s Rodney Dangerfield, except he still looks better than she does without makeup… in 2016.

If your stomach can handle it, there’s more, so let’s move on.

Exploiting her faithful for money

One hallmark of a successful cult is that it squeezes its members for money. Annaliese is quite adept at this.

Exhibit 1 – Annaliese gets GRLCVLT to pay for her plane ticket

Annaliese runs a number of companies and has a rich dad. Why would she need people to pay for her airfare? And $3585? That’s the low end of business class. Wonder if she reported this income to the IRS.

Exhibit 2 – The swag that not everybody received

We have gotten reports that at least one member never got the Girls’ Night Out merchandise she paid for, because she was excommunicated from the group first. Again, I wonder if this was reported to the IRS.

Backstabbing, betrayal, and gossip

Girls’ Night In aka GRLCVLT has taken every opportunity to portray themselves as a women’s interest group, the cutting edge of feminism; we even have some shots we’ll share later of “male tears”. Funny, then, that there is so much abuse of women in the group. The saga of someone we will call Q, and EC's story is one ugly example we have in our hands.

At one point, a member named Q made some sort of disparaging comments about another member, EC. We don’t yet have screenshots of the original comment, but there are references to the comments here. Q said that EC wasn’t “woke” (a creepy Orwellian term meaning “sufficiently brainwashed”) and also said that fellow member, (call her “Mexican Jumping Bean”), was ashamed of her Hispanic heritage. Eventually, Q and another member are excommunicated from the cult with what is clearly some acrimony.

These shots are all from the “Cultministration”, their top-secret admin group that was not even known to most members of GRLCVLT. They aren’t subtle about the whole cult thing, are they?

They use code names. We know who those code names stand for, but as part of our redaction gesture, we won't say who is who.

The source who provided us this information was sketchy with the details, but another source helped us fill in some of the gaps.

  • We don’t know who cleaned Q’s place
  • “Big problem” apparently refers to Q not subscribing to the group’s dogma on the issue of Dr. Luke and Kesha.

  • Mexican Jumping Bean suggests that Annaliese is aware of the soap opera drama going on.
  • We’re not sure what is brewing in whose head.
  • The Chancla is referring to Q’s green hair.

These next screenshots takes place later, after the excommunication.

It’s funny how Captain Kangaroo goes on about how people are vicious when they think they won’t get caught. I wonder how she’ll feel when she finds out she’s been caught.

The Chancla mentions that Q was “5150ed” meaning involuntary psychiatric hold, i.e. committed.

Meanwhile, back at Cultministration…

Even though Annaliese had excommunicated Q for trash talking EC, Dear Leader Kim Jong Annaliese did not feel she should be held to the same standards.

For clarification: GNI had a “sleepover” a few years ago and an underwear company known as “Meundies” sponsored it.

We’re not sure exactly who peed in a cup here.

Apparently, Annaliese would make a big show in the group of how much she loved EC, but behind closed doors, the truth came out.

What excommunication means

As poorly as they treat their current members, just as with any other cult, GRLCVLT make sure to inflict suffering upon their ex-members.

Here is one post from Annaliese not-so-subtly threatening someone named Sydney.

Articles about “Girls’ Night In” prior to Hulagate openly admitted that the group required that

  • Members post actively
  • Members never share what transpires in the group on pain of excommunication and “public shaming”

The purpose of this, of course, is to encourage members to share extremely personal information (such as enjoying sex with pus) so that Annaliese can use it as blackmail later on. She is, as usual, exempt from her own rules.


Does Annaliese's cult reach deep enough into Hollywood that a threat of “blacklisting” carries any weight? One member seemed to think so. They have since renounced Annaliese and recanted their threat. But if there is any evidence that Annaliese wields this kind of influence, please let us know.

The Master Post of Unfriendship

Boy does this ever sound Orwellian. In the wake of Hulagate, the group created a blacklist of those suspected of leaking the video. In order to remain part of the group, you had to unfriend every one of these girls, and leave every group. We have blocked out the names, but one of the people on this list was accused of rape and arson, as depicted in our other article.

Here we see Jenna Nicole Smith, aka Jenna Valentine, aka Jennifer, forcing those people who are still friends with one of the banned women (she was mocked by Annaliese Nielsen when her cousin committed suicide) to leave GRLCVLT.

And finally, here is The Chancla stating that those who are members of a group formed by an ex-member will be banned from GRLCVLT. The group had nothing to do with GRLCVLT and most of its members had never even heard of it. Goes to show you the paranoid nature of this cult.

There you have it

Now, perhaps you understand the truth about what GRLCVLT is. They are not a feminist organization, no matter how much they scream it from the rooftops. They are a cult of personality centered around Annaliese Nielsen designed to benefit her financially and otherwise. Their “social justice” principles are so ridiculous because they were never intended to be serious, just like Xenu. Annaliese uses them to brainwash naive girls. The rumors persist about it being used as a recruiting grounds for GodsGirls, and GodsGirls being used as a recruiting grounds for prostitutes, and we will continue to investigate those rumors.

Annaliese Nielsen is a dangerous person. She has attempted to frame a man for rape and arson. She has attempted to destroy businesses and livelihoods. She manipulates and intimidates those she knows. She keeps a cadre of equally evil women at her side.

Stay tuned for our next leak, which will be a detailed exploration of Annaliese Nielsen’s mental state.

We’re working on processing some very juicy leaks. It’s going to be big. We have stuff nobody thought would ever get out. Get wet, get hard, get pumped with excitement, because we’re going to air out some dirty, smelly laundry. But… not today.

In the meantime, we’d like to show you this. You may have seen it floating around on Twitter, or you may have found it on Amazon yourself. Annaliese Nielsen has a number of public profiles online and, while much of it is pretty mundane, her Amazon profile turned up some solid gold cringe.

The first example is her review of “blk” spring water. The fact that she mentions getting into a “huge fight” with her boyfriend is a huge red flag. She’s the kind of wacky drama queen to post your private relationship troubles onto Facebook. In that sense, she’s kind of like Whitney Mongiat, whose temper tantrum was exposed on YouTube, showing the world she badmouths her own husband in public.

The original post can be found here.

This next review is short but not sweet. Annaliese gets triggered over some satirical book called The Wo Code and the author absolutely destroys her in the response.

The original post and response can be found here.

Another thing worth note is that her Amazon profile photo is unnecessarily sexual. It’s more suited to a professional escort’s online profile. Is she trying to pick up dick on Amazon? And I can’t help but notice a wedding registry. What the fuck kind of sorry excuse for a nu-male marries this shrieking harpy? She must give expert rimjobs, or something.

If you have any info on her husband, or if you’re her husband and you want to dish dirt, contact us. It’s worth the blue balls to unburden your soul, brother.

In a plot twist that should surprise nobody on earth, it has been revealed that Annaliese Nielsen is not Hawaiian at all, but 75% white and 25% Chinese, and therefore 100% privilege.

A reliable source told us that Annaliese Nielsen’s mother is completely white and her father is half Danish, half Chinese.

We also have some some interesting dirt on her old man, Kim Nielsen. Turns out he’s a porn peddler himself, running the well-known company ATKingdom, specializing in MILF and bush porn. Here is an interview he gives for XBIZ, where he talks about his parents.

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of a Danish businessman and Chinese teacher of English as a foreign language. I grew up in Denmark, Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore and went to high school in Oxford, England, before coming to the U.S. to study at university.

It is also clear that Annaliese and her dad are in cahoots.

They are tagged on Twitter together quite often. Here’s one that’s still up but we’ve archived it just in case.

@tornadoliese @kimnielsenatk Oooh the atk natural site? Looks awesome! I feel like my bush isn't glorious enough tho D:

— SantánicoPandemónium (@KoryMinx) January 5, 2013

Then there is this cryptic exchange we found. Annaliese’s old tweets are gone in the wake of Hulagate but maybe someone can help us figure out WTF they’re all talking about. Dear old Dad even seems confused. (archive)

@tornadoliese @kimnielsenatk @interpipes @honeybeealaina dad, why are you doing that? dad don't shoot that guy.

— Vex Ashley (@vextape) September 14, 2012

She called herself Chinese on Twitter repeatedly

We did find this Google hit for an old Annaliese tweet where she mentions that she is Chinese. I’m not sure to what free pass she refers, but she always seems to want one, doesn’t she?

Here she is again. No mention of Polynesian anywhere. Also note that she’s a wine enthusiast. She was sure getting enthusiastic about the wine the night of Hulagate.

I bet she thinks China is, like, an island?

We also found this on Reddit. Why do I get the feeling that, when she thinks nobody else is listening, she gloats about her 75% “Aryan Nordic” ancestry?

We don’t even know what to make of this.

We hear she calls white people “mayo demons”.

She’s all white on her mom’s side

Here is her fully caucasian (Alpine/Atlanto-Mediterranean, maybe?) mother posting to Facebook.

If you’re wondering what this is in reference to, apparently Annaliese got triggered when her mom asked about some outfit Beyonce wore.

Here’s a better pic. I’d hit it.

So there you have it.

Annaliese Nielsen is not Hawaiian. She is not Polynesian at all. She is lutefisk and potstickers, mostly lutefisk. Just how much privilege does her background carry?


  • The Danish are rich, blond northern Europeans who once controlled a wide-reaching empire.
  • Their ancestors, the Vikings, raped and pillaged much of northern Europe.
  • Their territory included Norway, Iceland, some Caribbean islands, and some African and Indian trading ports.
  • The mostly autonomous Faroe Islands and Greenland still belong to the Kingdom of Denmark.
  • The Danish operated Fort Christiansborg in Africa, a center for slave trade, and in Greenland, they oppressed the Inuit.


  • China is the world’s second largest economy. If they ever achieve political and economic freedom, they may take the number one spot some day.
  • The Chinese practiced slavery for a large part of their history and even practiced castration to create eunuchs!
  • Chinese Americans are exceptionally successful, in fact surpassing the white average.
  • China once controlled a vast empire of its own and even sent a fleet of giant ships several times larger than the Santa Maria to lay claim to most of the Indian Ocean and its ports.
  • The Chinese invented the compass, paper, gunpowder, and moveable type printing and were the most advanced nation on the planet for a millennium.

That’s pretty advanced history, though, for a girl who thinks Hawaii is, like, a continent?

You heard it first here, folks. Annaliese Nielsen may have committed perjury in yet another attempt at ruining a man’s life. A man whom we'll call AP posted on Facebook about his harrowing experience being investigated for one month and which involved testimony in court and a polygraph test!

The most relevant parts

The original post gives the most important details about how Annaliese Nielsen accused him of “violence and rape” without apparently even specifying a victim. He provides a very detailed account of his innocence, while Nielsen no doubt supplied nothing more than a mindless accusation fabricated in her twisted brain.

Someone provides a screen capture of someone named Sierra who has also been bullied by Annaliese Nielsen. Another person, who was mocked by Nielsen after her cousin committed suicide, chimes in here to corroborate.

Then another guy writes that one of Annaliese Nielsen’s friends left nasty comments on a photo of him and his grandmother because he “aligns” himself with AP.

Finally, Adam mentions someone we'll call TC and a restraining order, which means the harassment must have been pretty nasty.

That’s all for now, folks. We will keep you posted on all matters relating to Annaliese Nielsen and her sick and twisted empire.

We found this screenshot of Annaliese Nielsen’s Facebook ranting. Given her love of making up false accusations, I wonder if this really happened. Maybe in her mind it truly did so she’s not lying as much as in need of anti-psychotic medication.