There will no doubt be those curious as to the legality of all this. Well first off, this site is based in America, which, for the time being, has the best free speech laws in the world. Sadly, free speech is under assault, mainly from the left, although the right are guilty to some extent as well. So we have listed some of the most common issues on here.

This is not defamation

We do not make any claims of our own. We report and collect what is already out there.

  • We require screenshots or recordings of anything that relates to hearsay (and we are not liable for how that recording was created; liability falls entirely on the creator of the media). If you write to us saying “Annaliese Nielsen said/did X” with no proof, we won’t publish it. As such there may be a delay between when you submit content and when it is posted, as we make reasonable efforts to ensure its truthfulness. If there is sufficient evidence that content we post is untrue, we will promptly remove it.
  • If we find material on the internet, we will mark it as such.
  • It must be emphasized that everything we post was verified to the best of our abilities.


This is not cyberbullying

Anyone who whines about “cyberbullying” needs to understand this. Annaliese Nielsen is a public figure like Donald Trump (who has a small penis) or Barack Obama (who is from Kenya).

  • She runs a porn site, a dating site, and an “online sorority” which has been reported on ABC.
  • She has a profile on CrunchBase, a database of entrepreneurs and her company.
  • She has been covered on the late and unmourned Gawker.
  • She puts on a number of social events in the Los Angeles area, though this may be coming to an end with her recent fiasco.
  • Throughout all of these activities she has made herself available to the press and maintained, until recent times, a very active Twitter presence. Only with the exposure of her Lyft scandal has she attempted to shy away from the spotlight.

For these reasons and more, she counts as a general purpose public figure, which means that any claims about her that turn out to be false must have been made knowing that it was false or with reckless disregard for the truth. As we take good faith efforts to ensure a basic standard of truthfulness, such as screenshots, recordings, or external journalistic sources, we are doing neither.


We acquire all information lawfully

We don’t hack anything. Information is submitted to us by enemies of Annaliese Nielsen and her gang. We then vet the information, comparing several different sources and looking for consistency. Wiretap laws, even the most idiotic ones such as those found in California, do not apply to online conversations.


We don’t post revenge porn

If any pornographic material containing Annaliese Nielsen is found, it must be shown to be created with known consent. If she did some nasty stuff and intended for it to be consumed by anyone other than the person taking the photo, then it’s fair game, even if she now regrets it. But we won’t accept pics of her passed out, hidden cameras, etc. Be aware, thanks to new laws, you could be liable for propagating revenge porn.


We don’t encourage illegal activity

We do not want anybody to use the information we provide to do something illegal. This includes threats or acts of violence or property crimes. Don’t do it.

If you want to keep it legal

  • You can locate and contact employers to let them know what their employees have been up to.
  • You can contact them, but you must keep it legal and not cross the line into stalking.
  • You can contact law enforcement if you think they may be up to something illegal.
  • You can contact the IRS if you think they may be making income without paying taxes on it.


We don’t post home addresses or phone numbers

We’ll post business numbers and addresses, and names of employers, but while it’s within our legal right to post personal information, we voluntarily do not. If it could be directly used to commit an illegal act (see above), we will not post it.


Report all child pornography to the police

DO NOT SEND us any illegal pornographic materials! We do not want to be in possession of that and we will report the material and source to the police immediately. If you are found to be sending the stuff to us and not the proper law enforcement agency, you could be legally seen as disseminating it. Don’t do it. Turn any illegal content in to the police. If you have paperwork such as 2257 records or screen shots of conversations showing Annaliese Nielsen or her associates to be violating the law, you may send that to us.


This is a public-interest project

This site makes no money and hosts no ads. The purpose of this website is to inform the public about a dangerous and malicious individual. Annaliese Nielsen possessed considerable social influence through her various business channels which she uses for malign purposes. She has repeatedly attempted to destroy people’s livelihood by means of negative exposure. As such, it is our goal not to destroy Nielsen’s life completely, merely to dismantle her business and media empire such that she never again has the ability to create negative outcomes for businesses or individuals.

Moreover, we hope to continue our mission by providing this same treatment to anyone who attempts to suppress free speech or expression.


Don’t fuck with our sources

First off, you have no clue who our sources are. We make sure of that. And if you THINK you do, don’t even think about harassing someone over it. We’ll find out about it, and we’ll dish dirt on you next. Don’t end up splattered all over the web like Annaliese. Stay on our good side.