Author: Blight Bane John

Oh God, is Annaliese Nielsen abusing animals too?

This just in! is Annaliese Nielsen abusing animals? She has been spotted posting on BackYardChickens on Facebook. It appears to be a group for people who raise fowl. Well, the only fowl she raises is the smell between her legs. Check out the messages below and answer for yourself, is Anneliese Nielsen abusing animals?     Her stupidity has reached singularity and is causing a black hole.     Why does she want to raise chickens? Does she need to be around cock constantly?     This child pornographer is worried about keeping things safe from predators. Irony.     Follow us on...

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More drama queening from Annaliese

We found this screenshot of Annaliese Nielsen’s Facebook ranting. Given her love of making up false accusations, I wonder if this really happened. Maybe in her mind it truly did so she’s not lying as much as in need of anti-psychotic medication.   Follow us on Twitter at...

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We’re live!

You might image the look on my face when I realized that “” was available for the taking. I mean, I knew this girl was dumb, but not protecting her own name brand is straight short-bus, especially when you’re well aware that you just became an internet persona non grata. Like, she’s like, so dumb? I can’t believe it? OMG? I’ll say this now and I’ll say it again and again. If you have dirt, send it to us with proof and we will republish. Annaliese Nielsen dun goofed and the cyber police have backtraced her.   Follow us...

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