Author: Blight Bane John

Annaliese Nielsen FALSELY accuses man of arson and rape

You heard it first here, folks. Annaliese Nielsen may have committed perjury in yet another attempt at ruining a man’s life. A man named Adam Palermo posted on Facebook about his harrowing experience being investigated for one month and which involved testimony in court and a polygraph test! I took this screen capture myself so I vouch that, if nothing else, this Facebook thread exists or existed. Here is the whole thing, with all reply threads expanded. Click to enlarge.   The most relevant parts The original post gives the most important details about how Annaliese Nielsen accused him of “violence and rape”...

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Annaliese Nielsen is a pimp, says The Dirty

Original story here It is well-known that Annaliese Nielsen runs GodsGirls, an alt-porn site. However what you may not know is that, apparently, these porn “stars”can be contacted and friended, and then rented. Furthermore Annaliese allegedly also uses Girls Night In to pimp out her closest “friends”. We only know what we have read on The Dirty. If you have more information or evidence for this, please contact...

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Annaliese Nielsen mocks friend after her cousin committed suicide

Of course she did. We found this Tweet from Kristyn Tolhurst that came out right when the scandal began.   If this is true, then she truly is toxic. You, as her friend, are not safe.   The revelations continue as Kristyn reveals that she was kicked out of Girls’ Night In because she disapproved of Annaliese Nielsen’s anti-white racism. It sounds like Girls’ Night In is hemorrhaging members as the best ones are either alienated by Nielsen or given the boot because they don’t conform to her Soviet politics. Here’s a link to the original Tweet: Here’s a link...

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