Author: Blight Bane John

Power plays, hypocrisy, and the name GRLCVLT

We received these screenshots in, what we believe to be, no particular order. We made a token attempt to re-order them, but it’s probably not 100% correct. In any case, it doesn’t matter. We didn’t need them in order to see what was going on here. GRLCVLT was previously known as Girls’ Night In (the more restricted group of no more than 3000 members) and Girls’ Night Out (the more public group). The NYC chapter was run by Remy Holwick, however Annaliese attempted to take more control of the NYC chapter. These images show some of the controversy around the...

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Evidence of prostitution in GRLCVLT?

We finally received a screenshot of Annaliese mentioning it.   We have heard several reports of open discussion of prostitution in GRLCVLT (aka Girls’ Night In). And we aren’t talking about survivors of sex work looking for help. We’re talking about high-priced “escorts” talking about their clients, not always flatteringly, and boasting about their work. We want more evidence. We want more screenshots. Send us your dirt.   Got something interesting? Contact...

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Our leak had the desired effect

When we posted our big leak last Thursday, the news spread slowly at first. We got a few major tweets, and things picked up, but over the last few days, it has started exploding. Thousands of people have read the story, and learned about our project as a result. More and more tips started pouring in, alerting us to even darker aspects of Annaliese and her various seedy ventures. The quality of our intel gets better and better, and goes deeper into her inner circle than she could ever imagine. Our upcoming stories will only get juicier, and more damning....

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