Who is Annaliese Nielsen? We have a few stories that will tell you just who she is.


She is vindictive and dangerous

She tried to ruin the life a hard-working Lyft driver by threatening to “put him on Gawker” all because he had a jiggling hula doll glued to his dashboard. Now, to understand just how disgusting of a human being she is, we need to get in her head for a second and understand her train (wreck) of thought. As she saw it, once she put him on Gawker, provided that POS site even still existed, he would become a “meme” and an pariah, tormented by hordes of mindless social justice warriors. It does not matter that, the video could have never made him into the bad guy. In her twisted mind, it would have, and intent is a huge deciding factor in crime. This is why they can throw pedophiles in prison for talking to a decoy. At no point was an actual child in danger, but from the pedo’s perspective, a child was going to be harmed. Speaking of pedophiles, we’ll get that in a moment.

As it so happens, however, she did do real harm to the driver. According to the wonderful Lauren Southern, who originally published this video, the driver WAS fired by Lyft because she made some sort of false testimonial, and only re-hired once the video made its way to the company.

Here is a video of the incident.


She “shouts her abortion”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% pro-choice. The government should stay the hell out of citizens’ bodies (also in regards to food, drug, etc). But an abortion is not something you “shout” about. She’s THAT kind of “feminist”.



She is a slob

The driver contacted Lauren Southern with this photo of his back seat after Annaliese Nielsen trashed it. If she was wearing a short skirt that night, I fear he’ll have to replace the leather entirely.



She is a child pornographer!

Annaliese Nielsen runs a porn site to which we will not link here and one of her girls was in fact underage at the time of the nude photo shoot. The story is here (in French). Nielsen denies any knowledge of this girl, which is patent bullshit. Running a porn site requires you comply with something called 2257 regulations meaning you must keep a record of every person depicted on your site proving they were over 18 at the time of the shoot. It doesn’t matter if you did not produce it. Even if the person WAS 18, if you don’t keep the record, you’re violating the law. So either Nielsen is not keeping proper 2257 records meaning she is putting MORE underage girls in danger, or she is flat out lying because she knows she was caught. If you have more information about this case, or evidence she was aware of Cœur De Pirate, please send it to us.


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