When we all first met Annaliese Nielsen, she was drunkenly berating a Lyft driver. Most of us recognized she might not be of sound mind. Even when drunk, normal people do not think that hula dashboard ornaments are monuments to racial oppression. Over time, our site has revealed other signs that Annaliese might not be right in the head. There was that time she tried to frame a guy for rape and arson, or the time she tried to destroy a small business. She’s also deeply conflicted about her own ethnicity, using a token amount of Chinese ancestry in her otherwise Wonderbread bloodline to crown herself the champion of oppressed minorities around the world. Then, we exposed her involvement in a twisted cult that brainwashes young girls and turns them against each other.

Seeing all the things Annaliese Nielsen has done led us to wonder just what is going on in that head of hers. We have been collecting a trove of screenshots and stories about Annaliese’s behavior and her personal life, and in the process, painting a picture of a woman possessed of pathological narcissism, unpredictable mood swings, and a lack of empathy for others, but this is only our interpretation. We present to you, a journey into the mind of Annaliese Nielsen. Strap in, wear a helmet, and stick around until the end. We’ve got a surprise.


Pathological white guilt

Annaliese Nielsen suffers from severe white guilt. This is not the sign of a healthy mind. A sane person would be thrilled to have privilege. This is made all the more strange because, as we demonstrate, Annaliese has no lack of self-interest. White guilt is a form of neurosis that tends to stem from pathological narcissism. Let’s have a look and see how it manifests.


When Annaliese is not milking her quarter-Chinese heritage, she is wracked with three-quarters-white guilt. I bet you’re wondering what her question is.

Annaliese Nielsen has white guilt


That’s her question. It doesn’t have an answer because it’s not a real question. The second question is actually more important. And the answer is yes.



Annaliese likes to call white people “mayo demons”.




Annaliese confirms that this cringeworthy analysis of her thought process is accurate. Annaliese cannot wear her hair naturally without being an evil cultural imperialist! This is truly the cutting edge of SJW Religious Technology.



Uh oh! Ashley has committed a Thoughtcrime! Note how she gets zero likes for her perfectly rational post.



BOOM. Annaliese Nielsen disagrees with the idea that someone should wear their hair however they want. Sane people do not ascribe moral values to a hair style. Also note how Annaliese gets FORTY-FUCKING-ONE likes. This mental illness is contagious.



Yes. Actually, Annaliese, liking the way something looks means you get to enjoy it. Full stop. So, either Annaliese superstitiously believes that wearing a given hairstyle hurts some unidentified “oppressed” person, or she is hawking this nonsense to manipulate others. Either way, it’s not sane.







A therapist might not be enough in Annaliese’s case. You’ll see what we mean soon enough…




Starting, fomenting, or outright fabricating drama

If white guilt is one manifestation of narcissism, then an insatiable need to start drama or have things revolve around her is the dead giveaway. We have more examples of Annaliese Nielsen’s drama queening than we know what to do with.


Exhibit 1

8-10 men started freaking out and “fantasizing aloud” about cutting you up, huh? All because you scooted a few feet away. Sounds totally believable.

She even made some other Lyft driver miserable.



Exhibit 2

This makes three examples of her inflicting herself on a Lyft driver. How many more are out there??




Exhibit 3

I’m just including this because I think it’s funny that, for all her far-left creds, she can’t be bothered to go vegan. That’s one of those ones that requires you do more than spout a bunch of PC non-words. Disingenuity, thy name is Annaliese.



Exhibit 4

Annaliese manages to make a post that both draws attention to how in-demand she is and whines.



Nobody gives a shit about the wilted flowers that some fedora-wearing beta male sent you.




Exhibit 5

WTF is Facebook prison, and does it have a psychiatric ward?



Silly Annaliese. Don’t you know that pineapples are culturally appropriated from the Amazon jungle into Hawaiiiiiiii?




Exhibit 6

“Guys, I just took a shit that looks like a Baby Ruth. Give me attention!”



Exhibit 7



Exhibit 8

This quote is too perfect. What more need be said?



Delusional sense of importance

Another dead giveaway of narcissistic personality disorder is a wildly inflated sense importance. Annaliese’s various reverse racist, white guilt rantings demonstrate her messiah complex nicely, but we have a few other examples here for you.


Exhibit 1

Nightlife staple, huh?



Exhibit 2

Her “legacy”. LAWL! We’ve been spreading her leg…acy all over the interwebs.



Disrespecting her own mother

Annaliese is a master of all forms of piety except filial piety. She has no problem shaming her own mother for imaginary social justice transgressions the way she does her brainwashed followers.


Exhibit 1

It all started out with Annaliese’s mom posting this image of a grotesque outfit worn by Beyonce.



The harpies start to gather.



More SJW stupidity… (Hi, Amber!)



And this is where Cara, her mom, reveals that Annaliese frequently shames her own mother for Thoughtcrime. We can’t help but wonder if she’s become a major donor to Planned Parenthood as of late.

By the way, thanks for that visual, Rachel.



Exhibit 2

This sounds like something an edgy teenager would post after they read the Satanic Bible. The funny thing is that Annaliese follows the SJW religion which is every bit as superstitious as Christianity… and she even has her own cult.






Mocking her father and boyfriend

It’s not just her mom that she disrespects. Annaliese Nielsen definitely does not show any love for her old man, or even her boyfriend. At least you can dump a boyfriend! But she would rather keep him around and belittle him publicly.


Exhibit 1

You don’t need to let the world know you can’t stand your dad. You aren’t 15 anymore.



We get the point.




I’m sure your boyfriend appreciates your little jabs.



No, really, we get the point.



Bullshit. No. That’s not possible. How can Annaliese not drive a man to drink?



Exhibit 2

Besides the fact that she appears to be defending Kanye calling himself the next Nelson Mandela, that’s crazy enough. But, we’re focused on the fact that she’s airing her (inane) arguments with her boyfriend.



Wait, it’s wrong to be mad that a shitty rapper compared himself to a great human rights pioneer and world leader? Bitch… I can’t even.



Please, just shut up.



If you have any more examples of her mocking her boyfriend, Lucas, we want to see them.


The grand finale. What you’ve been waiting for.

If the narcissistic behavior didn’t convince you, if the mistreatment of her family and significant other didn’t convince you, and if all the awful shit she’s done to everyone who crosses her path didn’t convince you… nothing will.

Except this.

Annaliese Nielsen was committed!


The bitch is nuts. Not really that surprising. Case closed.


Mic. Drop.


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