When we posted our big leak last Thursday, the news spread slowly at first. We got a few major tweets, and things picked up, but over the last few days, it has started exploding. Thousands of people have read the story, and learned about our project as a result. More and more tips started pouring in, alerting us to even darker aspects of Annaliese and her various seedy ventures. The quality of our intel gets better and better, and goes deeper into her inner circle than she could ever imagine. Our upcoming stories will only get juicier, and more damning.

But there was an unintended consequence that was far more positive. We began to get e-mail from girls who had been excommunicated from GRLCVLT (Girls’ Night In). They had left the cult acrimoniously for offending Annaliese in some trivial way. Annaliese had ordered her minions to unfriend and shun the outsiders, and they did so on command. The brainwashing is real. But apparently our article snapped several people out of their trance. These girls who wrote in tell us that they have been contacted by numerous former friends with apologies, sometimes tearful.

While we relish every defeat that Annaliese suffers, this kind of thing is what really keeps us going. The whole reason we started this project was to prevent Annaliese Nielsen from ever hurting someone again. The fact that we have not just done that, but helped heal wounds that she had already caused is truly inspiring and humbling.


We would like to invite ex-members of GRLCVLT to share their stories with us. We have already proven photographically what goes on behind the scenes in Annaliese’s cult of personality, but we want to hear your personal accounts. We will keep it anonymous if you wish. Tell us what happens in these groups. Tell us about bullying, pressure to overshare personal information, scamming of members for money, and whatever else happens there. We want to know.


Tell us your personal story about GRLCVLT.

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