She calls herself a white knight but we’re not buying it.

You’re a member of Annaliese Nielsen’s cult. We’re not sure just which one; there are a lot of you. But it hardly matters since you’re the same, a bunch of heads on a single hydra. Because it’s a slow news day as we sort through the increasing mountain of leaks, I’m going to give you more screen time.




Nobody cares that she committed criminal perjury to harm an American? Nobody cares that she emotionally abuses people and then takes their money? Nobody cares that she creates underage porn? We’ll see just who “nobody” is once the real leaks start flowing.

As for the “bullying” nonsense, I have bad news for you, my little special snowflake. This isn’t bullying. It’s reporting. Speaking unpleasant truths about someone is not bullying. The truth is never bullying. The difference between you and us is that we take great pains to verify the truth before speaking it. There are plenty of things, horrible things that Annaliese and her minions are doing that we are sure are true, however we won’t post those until we have the strongest proof. Clearly Annaliese Nielsen does not hold herself to the same standards. She is the bully. I know that’s hard for you to accept, but it’s true.