Got this in the inbox.



At first I thought this was some sad white knight, but my sources suggested the wording reminds them of a few possible GNI members. The IP is in Vegas and a GNI cell does operate there so who knows.

Let’s get a few things straight:

  • Annaliese Nielsen is in her 30s. By her age she should know how she acts when drunk. If you are the kind of person to act like a cunt when you drink, then don’t fucking drink. At very least, don’t inflict yourself upon others. Drink alone at home where you can’t hurt anybody. Is that clear enough?
  • We all know that GNI, GRLCVLT, and every other affiliated organization would not hesitate to jump on a man if he did something abusive while drunk. You are giving Annaliese a pass for one of two reasons: One is that you’re her flunky and doing your “duty”. The other is you’re a pathetic white knight or white priestess. Either reason is unacceptable.
  • Annaliese Nielsen has done far more than act like a fetid cunt to one Lyft driver. On our site you can find examples of Annaliese committing perjury to frame an innocent man and riling up an online mob to ruin a small business. and of course we are know of evidence of her producing child porn. We, also are working through a mountain of evidence that puts Annaliese at the head of a dangerous cult, complete with brainwashing, emotional abuse, excommunication, and even harassment. If the allegations about slashed tires and disturbances at places of employment are true, Annaliese could even be guilty for her minions’ actions under RICO.


Anyone who still thinks this is just about Hulagate can go fuck right off.