Annaliese probably has been wondering when we were going to get to this. Well, she can at least stop stressing about that. Because here it is.


As you know, Annaliese is a fan of ruining people’s lives.


There was the time she tried to frame a man for rape and arson.

She committed perjury in the process!



There was the very famous incident…

…where she threatened to put a Lyft driver on Gawker over his hula doll and left an unholy mess in his backseat.



She tried to ruin a small business…

…over something an employee may or may not have said.

Here is Annaliese claiming an employee said something racist.



She does NOT provide an actual screenshot of his comment.

She uses the hedge word “essentially”.

She has admitted to being a liar in the past:


We are not defending the original poster as we don’t know what he said. Because Annaliese Nielsen’s definition of “racist” is so warped, we cannot be sure of anything without a screenshot. She has boasted of using screenshots against people in the past so why doesn’t she include one here? Again, if the guy said something ignorant, then he said something ignorant. But we don’t know what he said.

She is clearly remorseless

The employee makes a rather pitiful plea not to destroy his mother’s business and she responds with “no”.


She then makes this incredibly vapid-sounding post, boasting about what she did.


So, what are you laying on your sofa? Eggs?

But I digress, because…

Annaliese has businesses of her own!

Someone sent this in. (aren’t tropical shirts cultural appropriation of the continent of Hawaii?)



Yes, it turns out that Annaliese owns a mechanic shop (bought with daddy’s money?) called:

Car Friend Auto Repair

14126 Oxnard Street, Ste 2
Los Angeles, CA 91401
(818) 510-0443

They have had a Facebook page (leaving link in case it ever returns).

They have a Yelp page where you can give them one-star reviews.



Rumor has it that she bought this shop for her (much younger) bitch boyfriend, Lucas, supposedly so he won’t be able to leave her. Well, once we run this place out of business, he won’t have a reason to stick around, will he?

And there you have it.



Yelp pays off:


Is Annaliese Nielsen laundering money through Car Friend Auto Repair? Send us evidence.


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