We’ve been getting so much dirt from Annaliese haters that I didn’t even notice what we weren’t getting: hate mail. I was starting to think they didn’t care 🙁

Welllll… we received this gem tonight from IP address (interestingly, that’s in Van Nuys, where her auto body shop is located). They’ve officially been triggered.


I’d love to know what, exactly, an “authority action” is? Is that like the cyber police? Have you backtraced me?

I like the way they don’t even believe what they’re saying because they backpedal and start trying to get all new age and motivational in the second half.

A bit of advice for you, my little special snowflake:

  • Calm UR self down.
  • Learn how the First Amendment works.
  • Learn the definition of harassment.
  • And be sure to follow our Twitter because we’re going to be publishing some real examples of harassment and bullying from Annaliese Nielsen.